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  • 7 Tips to Protect Your Car Paint
    7 Tips to Protect Your Car Paint

    Lending your car a fresh paint job is not only expensive, but it also reduces the resale value of the...

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    Sippi Vig , 05 Dec, 2019
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User Review

  • An unusually heavy sports car from the house of BMW

    As per BMW this is a sports car though it is not going as per the look and feature of the car in any manner. Say the car is too massive and heavy if compared to a usual sports car. The car is big with a distinct look of its own with the engines being placed in the front part

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    Henry Mar, 2020 for BMW 8 Series Convertible
  • A fashionable sleek medium sized car from the house of Honda

    The brand name BMW carries a lot of weight and trust factor the moment you decide to opt for this brand. So happened with me while I planned to buy a BMW car this time. I finally bought BMW X4 after considering various aspects. Firstly I liked the look of this car. This is neither extra large nor a small

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    Achraf Mar, 2020 for BMW X4
  • A gracious and luxurious big sized BW car

    If you prefer a cushy luxurious drive on your car, then you should go for BMW X7. This car provides you all day comfort even if you plan for a long drive on this. A perfect car for highway driving and I often plan for long trips with my family from the time I bought the car. Both in terms

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    Auton Mar, 2020 for BMW X7
  • A simple to drive car with a mundanely designed interior

    What I love the most about this car is that the car is so very easy to use and so very manageable. You just put your foot on the accelerator and whoosh… The car is not a hardcore technologically driven car. That makes me more hooked to this. The car won’t let you feel any sort of complication while you

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    Bayram Mar, 2020 for BMW M2
  • A marvelous looking car that can effortlessly provide you with a stunning fin filled drive

    The moment you buy BMW Z4 you will actually become the talk of your locality for your funky buy. This car can allure all around with its phenomenal open roof look and you will actually experience a fun drive on this always. The folding hard top will make your driving experience more thrilling. The aggressive look of this car can

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    Danian Mar, 2020 for BMW Z4
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