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  • An average looking car that is unparallel in terms of reliability factor

    This car has its own age old charm of its own. The car looks old in terms of look and lacks lot of trendy features that we get in modern cars. Somewhere that trendy and peppy feel is missing. The car can beat some of its competitors for its all terrain performance, or its performance in context to a workhorse.

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    Hamish 17 Mar, 2020 for Mazda BT-50
  • A perfect two seater sports car from the house of Mazda

    This car looks bit different than the Mazda MX 5 one, especially the exterior part of the car. The cabin inside is noiseless and serene and that is one of the prominent feature of this car that I admire. I am also very fond of the infotainment system of this car. The car is inclusive of 7 inch screen that

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    Juliano 17 Mar, 2020 for Mazda MX-5 RF
  • A mini car from the house of Mazda

    Now when it comes to handling a car that is unbeatable in terms of performance I guess this is the one. The engine quality is too good. Efficient and peppy. This car is a value for price car. That is one of the biggest positive aspect that I can mention over here. Though I am not happy with this car

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    Joozhar 17 Mar, 2020 for Mazda MX-5
  • A fashionable midsized SUV of premium quality

    This midsized SUV can prove to be a great utility car in its own right. Rather I feel this is one of the best midsized SUV cars that are available these days. The handling of this car is smooth and it is known for its excellent fuel efficient property. The cabin material inside is of premium quality that has make

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    Jokull 17 Mar, 2020 for Mazda CX-9
  • A fashionable seven seater car that is ready to provide maximum comfort

    If you want a seven seater car that is ready to provide ultimate comfort to its passengers, without giving a second thought go for this Mazda CX-8. The car can stun the audience with its amazing looks. Side by side, the comfort factor that this car is offering is indeed unparalleled. You may keep on driving this car for hours

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    Himyar 17 Mar, 2020 for Mazda CX-8
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